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A new cooperative story-based format in Magic: The Gathering.

What is Wayfarer, you might ask? In early April of 2021, several friends came together and asked the question: why does Magic: The Gathering not have a way to play in a more cooperative, fun-filled, enjoyable experience akin to Dungeons & Dragons? Where are the creative outlets for writing epic tales of loss and love, and the ability to join your friends in navigating through the worlds they’ve come to love through the game’s cards? Simply put, Magic is entirely based around competition, and beyond that, we thought there was room…

Welcome Wayfarers! This is it. The final Episode of Arcavios: School’s Out Forever. It’s been a long road to get here, since our first announcement back in May, but two months later, our first content release is finally complete! We have done a lot of back and forth changes due to player feedback, which has been incredibly helpful, and made something truly special that can become a prominent part of Magic’s history going forward, and it’s all thanks to you, our Wayfarers. Welcome, to EPISODE 5: RACE TO THE END!

Welcome Wayfarers! We announced our NEW Journey to Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, WATERDEEP: Remnants of a Fate last week, and we’re almost to the end of the story for Arcavios: School’s Out Forever! Episode 4, DRAGON SIEGE, is ready and here!

Prepare yourself, adventurers. Wayfarer’s second Journey content is coming with Adventures in the Forgotten Realms — Waterdeep: Remnants of a Fate. As the Wayfarers continue through Arcavios: School’s Out Forever, strange things are happening in the realm of Faerûn. A place normally separated by a thick barrier between realities, the veil grows thin. The Wayfarers are being called through the void to assist in this strange, yet familiar land. Words begin to echo that beings have appeared, utilizing powers not yet seen in ages untold… and it’s up to you, as Wayfarers, to figure out why. …

JUNE 30, 2021

Greetings, potential hire!

We’re looking for several people to join Wayfarer development, which will entail you working with the developers of Wayfarer, the Cooperative Commander variant.

We urge you to submit a resumé or qualifications to: mtgwayfarer AT gmail DOT com.

We’re looking for at this time:

Wayfarer Playtester #3

Writer, Articles

YouTube Video Creator / Editor

These positions are open regardless of location / time zone, and we’re looking for people to be part of the process at least 10 hours a week.

These are unpaid positions at this time, with them turning into paid positions…

Welcome Wayfarers! E3 and Modern Horizons 2 slowed us down a bit, and Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is just around the corner! We’re working on exploratory stuff for that set, but we’re just as excited as you are about dungeons! Thanks for waiting, here’s Episode 3: Lost and Found? ready to go!

Reforging Purge, Arcavios: School’s Out Forever — Episode 1: Guided Tour, Illus. Brian Hagan

Hello Wayfarers! It’s been a bit since our last release, as we spent the week(has it only been a week since the livestream??) retooling the entire Episode 1 campaign after we made the switch to individual scene decks. This release has been lovingly worked on — we made sure to make the text as best as we could, as well as get some fantastic arts to fit our designs and intent for the cards present. From all of us on the The Wayfarer Guild team, we want to thank everyone for their support thus far!

With that, let’s get to…

Wayfarer Starting Guide & Basic Rules


Wayfarer starts with a Journey, a set of Episodes that are gone through sequentially. You start on Episode 1 of whatever Journey you embark on.

Games are played with one scrivener player and from one to three wayfarer players. The scrivener guides the wayfarers on their journey with their scene decks, which provides changing goals and challenges as the wayfarers continue on the journey. The wayfarers themselves will meet these challenges starting with a preconstructed Commander deck as well as a special spark emblem, both of which will evolve as they progress through the episodes.


Starting the Game

To start a Wayfarer game…

The Wayfarer Guild

Working out of Otaria, Dominaria.

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